There is invisible energy in concrete things.

As I stated in my prior blog, I am getting ready to publish my latest book, “Manifesting Made Easy: The Power of I Am.” I have been re-reading Dr. Wayne Dyer’s “Wishes Fulfilled.” Dr. Dyer believed that you should practice the art of assuming the feeling of your wishes being fulfilled, and you should refuse to allow any evidence of the outer world to distract you from your intentions so that you can have a spiritual awareness and have your wishes fulfilled.

There are many steps involved with having your wishes being fulfilled, but tonight, I would like to focus on three steps.

First, you should become a noticer and notice all of your thoughts. If you want to have your wish fulfilled, then you must monitor your thoughts and feelings so that you have positive thoughts and feelings that you can align with throughout the day.

Second, you should take away any negative thoughts that would restrict you from growing from the current stage of your life because you want to elevate your life in a positive way so that your dreams come true. Say “no” to naysayers who say things such as “I will never have money. That is how it always is for me.” Instead, focus your thoughts on positive things saying things such as “the universe is full of abundance.” As Dr. Wayne Dyer would say, “banish all doubts.”

Third, you should use your mind and imagine that your wish is already fulfilled, and you should recognize positive energy from concrete things. For example, when I wrote my second book, I covered up my first book in white paper, and I wrote the name of my second book on the front of the book. I kept this book by my nightstand as a reminder that the book was already created by my Higher Power. I also kept books written by Dr. Wayne Dyer by my nightstand.

Today, I was focusing on the publication of my second book, and I felt an energy from a book I own by Dr. Wayne Dyer that is personally autographed by Dr. Wayne Dyer. I meditated and then I picked up the autographed Dr. Wayne Dyer book, and I could feel a happy and exciting energy emanating from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book. I also experienced a miracle because I had questions on how to get the word of my second book out to the public, and I specifically felt Dr. Wayne Dyer encourage me to blog about how there is real energy and real power in concrete things that are spiritual in nature.

I can hear Dr. Wayne Dyer wanting me to encourage you that you can achieve your dreams, and there is the divine power of God available at all times. Dr. Dyer would want me to tell you that if you have a dream, you can manifest almost anything that you can imagine in your mind. Just believe and find some spiritual concrete things in your house that have energy and hold onto these items carefully. The spirit world will help you unlock the energy and power in your special concrete possessions. I will continue to blog about key discoveries that I am making so that you can elevate your life.

Remember there is an invisible energy in concrete things. Namaste.

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