Father’s Day 2024; In Honor of the Father of Motivation.

My friends, there is so much going on that I have not had time to blog. Since the release of my book, “Manifesting Made Easy: The Power of I Am,” I was hospitalized and unable to hold my previously scheduled book signings. The good news is that I am on the mend, and I have been busy marketing this book with excellent results.

I also had a feeling that I should start writing a third book and I reached out to the Master Dr. Wayne Dyer for guidance. And let me tell you, guidance is what I received from Dr. Wayne Dyer. Let me explain it to all of you.

You see, on May 10th, it was the anniversary of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s birthday. As such, I asked him for a sign by the end of the day that I was meant to write another book about him. Well, later that evening, I was required to pick my daughter up from dance practice. I got into my vehicle and started driving and on the short ten-minute drive to the dance studio, the song, “The Leader of the Band” by Dan Fogelberg came on the radio.

While driving my car, at the exact time that the song “The Leader of the Band” came on the radio, a white dove flew over my car. I could not believe that he gave me such a specific sign. I looked out into the distance and could feel Dr. Dyer’s presence, so I know that he sent me that sign from heaven above.

In addition, on Father’s Day, I asked for a sign from Dr. Wayne Dyer, the Father of Motivation. Well, he did not let me down as while leaving my house to drive to pick up dinner for my husband, a bright red cardinal flew right past me, and it was incredibly clear that Dr. Wayne Dyer sent that visible sign to show that he was with me. I felt so blessed to receive this tangible sign of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s presence.

My friends, please know that you can reach out at any time to Dr. Dyer for guidance. I shall keep you updated as to my progress.

In the meantime, please remember the meditation, “I am that I am” and please try to do this meditation once a week. As my book proclaims, this meditation is the most powerful meditation in the world and this meditation will change your life.


Karen McDonnell Hilligoss

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