There is invisible energy in concrete things. Part II.

Dr. Wayne Dyer taught that manifesting is when you bring a wish or desire into existence and once you manifest your wish, you are in the business of doing nothing more than bringing into form that which could be a whole new aspect of yourself. Dr. Dyer believed that with manifesting, you are learning to align yourself with a certain aspect of your being and that this aspect of your being is such that perhaps your own senses did not know how to activate it.

According to Dr. Wayne Dyer, once you know your highest self, you are on your way to becoming a co-creator of your world so you can participate in the act of creation and so that you can become a manifester. As I taught in the last post, in order to manifest, you need to recognize that there is energy in tangible objects, and you should be aware of which objects in your possession emanate a positive energy.

Since my last writing, I came into possession of a First Edition book by Dr. Wayne Dyer called “Pulling Your Own Strings.” This First Edition book is special because the Master literally signed it himself and Dr. Wayne Dyer dedicated it to Barbara and wrote, “A parent is not for leaning but she is to make leaning unnecessary. Let your children make their own decisions and simply be an effective role model for them. God bless. Love, Wayne Dyer. 9/27/78.”

I was so excited to receive this personally autographed book by Dr. Wayne Dyer. I was also confused about what Dr. Wayne Dyer said about not having your children “leaning” as I had never heard that in any of his speeches. Moreover, I have two children, so I was very interested in what Dr. Dyer meant. I said a silent meditation and asked Dr. Wayne Dyer for a sign as to what this fascinating dedication meant.

Fast forward two days later, and I was watching the movie “The Shift” which stars Dr. Wayne Dyer. About halfway through the movie, Dr. Wayne Dyer meets one of the main characters who is raising two young boys, and he tells this mother that she should not have her children “lean” on her, but she should teach them life skills and teach them to be independent. Suddenly, everything clicked on what Dr. Wayne Dyer meant in the dedication of this First Edition book. What are the odds that I would find Dr. Dyer speaking as to his advice not to allow children to lean on parents within two days after asking him for a sign? Slim to none.

But that is how spirit works, and this morning, I asked Dr. Wayne Dyer to send me a monarch butterfly if he wanted me to explain this teaching. Guess what happened? As I was driving home from a business meeting this evening, a monarch butterfly flew right up against my windshield, and I could not miss seeing it.

Yes, there is an invisible energy in concrete objects, and yes, Dr. Wayne Dyer, I will treasure this First Edition book autographed by you. Thank you so much Dr. Wayne Dyer and namaste to all. Keep visualizing your dreams and be assured they will come true.

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