Excuses Begone. Part I.

Dr. Wayne Dyer believed that we could manifest anything, but we needed to rid our minds of excuses.  In the book, Excuses Begone, Dr. Wayne Dyer notes that:

The conscious mind is more accurately described as the creative conscious mind.  This close-to-the-surface, non-habitual mind makes endless decisions about what you wear, what you eat, what appointments you keep, what time you go to bed, and thousands of other daily choices in your life.  This invisible and “placeless place” is the part of your brain that makes and cancels plans, adds new ones, and thinks continuously.  This creative consciousness is always there, to the point that even when you want to shut it down, it can be extremely difficult to do so…. The thoughts just keep coming.  Excuses Begone at page 19.

After reading this book by Dr. Wayne Dyer again, I felt in my soul that I wanted to be healthier.  I used the “Ah” meditation by Dr. Wayne Dyer and asked my soul how I could become healthier.  Immediately afterwards, I heard “go back to your fitness club regularly.”  By way of background, I had joined a fitness center a year ago but once the weather got warm, I started walking outside and stopped going to the fitness club.  Thus, after getting this message from Dr. Wayne Dyer, I decided to go back to the health club, and I told just one friend.  The day that I returned to the health club I opened my workout bag and found an envelope that was addressed to the same friend that I talked to about my commitment to return to my health club.  I could not recall why I had addressed an envelope to this friend and why it was placed in my gym bag, but I took that as a sign from the universe that I was in alignment.

The following day after my return to the health club I received a mailing circular from this health club with the new calendar and dates and times of Zumba, Yoga, and other group exercises. I took this sign as serendipity from the universe that I was meant to return to the health club as I have not received a calendar of events from this health club in the past.  Then, on my third day at the health club, I received a text from another friend whom I had just told about returning to my health club and she said that she would like to get membership to this health club, and she would like to join me in exercising for moral support.  I received three huge signs that my return to exercise was in alignment with the Divine Plan, so I decided to meditate to Dr. Wayne Dyer to send me a sign if I was in alignment with his writings in Excuses Begone and if I was in alignment with Source.

On the next day that I went to the health club, I pulled into my regular spot to park and thanked Dr. Wayne Dyer asking for his simple affirmation to me that I was on the correct path.  When I finished exercising that evening, I noticed that a Chrysler Jeep was parked next to my car with a Michigan license plate.  Dr. Wayne Dyer drove a Chrysler Jeep and he is from the State of Michigan, so I silently thanked him for the sign.  Then, after I headed through the first traffic light on the way home, I noted that a car in front of me had a license plate that read “Y81 5566”.  As you may be aware, Dr. Wayne Dyer has two “y”s in his name, and he loved the Tao Te Ching which is 81 verses and he often spoke of the significance of the number “81.”  I nodded and said a silent prayer of thanks to Dr. Wayne Dyer.  However, so that I could be 100 percent assured that these signs were from Dr. Wayne Dyer, I witnessed one last sign before I got home.

When I was four blocks from my house, a car switched into my lane of travel and the car had the license plate that read “G Bless U.”   I was so emotional from witnessing that profound sign from Dr. Wayne Dyer that I immediately started weeping with joy.  I am pleased to share this miracle to show how spiritually close to Dr. Wayne Dyer that I remain and to encourage you to reach out to him for signs from the other side. 

I re-read Excuses Begone after returning from the health club and I noticed that Dr. Wayne Dyer also taught that, “My inner callings are the voice of God. I must follow what I feel so deeply.” Excuses Begone at page 237.  Since my return to the health club, my good friend regularly joins me to work out and the time I spend exercising passes naturally.  I can now confirm that Spirit works in the utmost and most amazing ways if we just take time to recognize the miracles of everyday life.  As I write this message, I can literally feel Dr. Wayne Dyer’s presence with me.  He wants you to know that you can manifest anything that you desire if you simply rid your mind of excuses.  So, what are you waiting for?  Get out there and make it happen.  Much love and joy.  Namaste.



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