Be not afraid, we live in an “intelligent universe.”

According to Dr. Wayne Dyer, “There are no accidents in an intelligent universe, so all the dark times, accidents, illnesses, and broken dreams were part of your spiritual advancement.  Embrace them, understand them, accept them, honor them, and then transform them in your own way.”  In the midst of the corona virus pandemic, I find this quotation very fitting.  Dr. Wayne Dyer clearly believed that we live in an “intelligent universe” and that there is an intelligent force organizing everything.  Thus, we need to remember that all of the dark times, accidents, and broken dreams are a part of our spiritual advancement.  I find this lesson from Dr. Wayne Dyer particularly helpful while living through this global crisis.

Yes, during this period of illness, times can appear to be dark.  Some family members and close friends are also living in these perilous times, and they are watching their loved ones battle COVID-19.  In my own family, my niece is a registered nurse who was assigned to a COVID-19 medical unit at an urban hospital located in a large city.  She has witnessed first-hand the deteriorating effect of this illness on patients at her hospital.  Yet, my niece, who recently graduated from her university studies, bravely and valiantly treats these ill patients who have the contagious condition, and she works over eighty hours per week.  Indeed, she has learned an important lesson at a young age about the value that each of our spirits bring into the world, and she says that she feels so much compassion for these patients that she falls asleep easily during her limited time off of work.

When I speak with my niece about the current pandemic, I have no doubt that there are no accidents in this universe, and she definitely chose a life plan that would allow her to be a part of something much bigger than herself when she chose to manifest here in her earthly body.  When I look back at her life, I ask what are the odds that she would graduate from her medical program right before this pandemic, what are the odds that she would apply for and receive a job offer at a large urban hospital many states and many miles away from her hometown, and what are the odds that she would be handpicked to work in a COVID-19 ward?  I would say that the chances are slim to none that this was an accident.  Instead, this was her calling in life.

The same may be said for anyone who feels that he or she is suffering from broken dreams.  Even if one plans or dreams for a certain relationship to work, to be admitted to a particular college, or to be hired to work in a certain profession, we must accept “no” if this does not turn out to be our exact plan in life.  We must not allow ourselves to become depressed or sad.  Instead, we need to remember to embrace, accept, and understand these challenges because all of these challenges are a part of our spiritual development.  And as Dr. Dyer always reminded us, “we are spirits here on earth to have a human experience and not human beings here on earth to have a spiritual experience.”

During these times, I will continue to pray and to meditate for all of humanity as we face one of the greatest challenges presented to mankind.  And I will pray and meditate that we may all be unified in this one noble and worthy purpose because we definitely live in an “intelligent universe.”  Namaste.

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