Please know that we’re all connected.

Dr. Wayne Dyer once remarked, “When you feel yourself in a fearful mode, stop right there and invite God, your Senior Partner, onto the scene.  Say, ‘I don’t know how to deal with this, but I know we’re all connected, so I’ll move my ego out.'”

After reading this verse from Dr. Wayne Dyer, I knew that finding this verse at this time was absolutely essential for me.  Unfortunately, lately, I have found myself listening to the news more often.  I am listening to the politicians talk about the corona virus and how they want to move society and our country forward and to loosen up “social distancing.”  Immediately, my spirit went into a completely fearful mode.  But, how can we do this?  I thought to myself, “are we ready to make this step forward without adequate countrywide testing for the virus?”  I asked myself whether I was ready to allow my two children out of the house and back to school.  My heart felt extreme anxiety and I asked myself, “is society really ready for such a huge leap without a true vaccination for COVID-19?”

After experiencing these panicked feelings, I now realize that I needn’t sit in such anxiety and fear.  Instead, I should follow what Dr. Wayne Dyer says and I need to stop right there and to invite God, my Senior Partner, into my life.  Thus, I started speaking and praying to God with all of my heart.  Once I moved outside of my mind and my ego, I realized that God is in charge and that as a society and as humanity, we are all very connected in this ordeal.  Indeed, my thoughts about the safety of my children have likely been echoed by parents around the entire globe.  I knew that I was not alone.

Once I allowed my heart to speak to God about my many worries, I literally felt myself placing all of my worries in God’s hands.  I started to allow God’s love and God’s grace to settle in my soul.  I realized that I do not need to have all of the answers about how society can get back to normal in the future.  Instead, I leave it for God to deal with those serious issues.  Rather, I can only trust in God and place all of my cares and concerns at God’s feet.  Through silent meditation, I learned that I need only get through life by taking it “one day at a time.”  I need to stop any incessant worrying about the uncertain future.

Once I released my anxiety and worry, my heart and soul started to feel some much needed peace.  Indeed, I don’t control the future and I don’t control the government.  However, I can control my reaction to everything that is stirring around in this world.  I understood that if I felt that the government opened up the schools too early, I was free to make my own decision to keep my children at home until I would feel ready for them to return to school.  And, also with “social distancing,” I understood that even if the State relaxes the “social distancing” rules, I still have control over my day to day affairs. I can control how often I go out, where I decide to go out, and utilize my own form of “social distancing” and do whatever I need to personally feel comfortable when I choose to venture out into society.

In short, I invited God, my Senior Partner, into my heart and I can truly feel that God is in charge and that God will inspire me in the coming days on how to handle any of the changes.  I know the real truth: God is only one thought and one prayer away and for that knowledge, I am eternally happy.  Thank you, Dr. Wayne Dyer, for reminding me that God is my Senior Partner and will always lead me in the correct direction.




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